What’s your purpose/ what will you do in the US?
What do you intend to do in the United States?
Why do you want to go to the US?
Why do you choose to study in USA but not other countries?
Which university do you plan to attend?
Why did you choose this school?
What do you think of …University?
What’s the name of the school you applied for?
How long do you plan to stay in America?
How long will you stay in US?
How many schools did you apply for? Why?
Why do you choose this major?
Which major?
Which degree will you pursue in America?
What will you study in the United States?
What is your major?Tell me something about your major?
In what aspect of your major will you study?
Why did you choose…as your major?
How do you know about this school?
Why do you receive financial aid from…university?
What do you do in China now?Are you a student?
Who will afford your tuition/study fee?
How can you afford to pay that sum of money / study fees?
What kinds of scholarship will the school offer you?
How much is your parents’ salary?
(9)毕业后经济状况 (对有工作经历的人)
How much will you earn after graduation?
(10)托福/IELTS /GRE 以及 GMAT 成绩
What is your TOEFL and GRE or GMAT/ IELTS score?
When and where did you take the GRE test/TOEFL / IELTS test?
How much is your TOEFL/ GRE/ IELTS score?
What do your parents do?
What are your parents’ salaries?
Do you have any family members or personal relationship in USA?
What will you do after you get your degree/graduation?
What are you going to do after your graduation/you get your degree?
Have you been abroad?
Which countries have you been to?
Where is the school?  What’s the location of this school?
How many students are there in this school?
What do you think of this school?
Where will you live in the US?
What courses will you learn in USA?
What are you doing now?
What is “Tsinghua University Study-abroad Program”? Will all of the students in the program go abroad? Tell me something about the program. How long have you studies in the program?
Which degree you will get after graduation?
Will you come back after finishing your study?
How much will you pay for one year?
Have you ever been refused for your visa?
Is this your first time for your visa?
How is the weather there in XXX(the city of the xxx university)?
Do you have any relatives in America?