Studying American Life Notes

常言道:When in Rome, do as Romans do.看看在美国留学应该怎么与人相处。

1. Never talk about someone’s weight—“you are very fat”.

2. Never ask“how much did you pay for that”or“how much money do you make”.

3. Never smoke indoors (unless given permission).

4. Never change the TV station, the air conditioner or fan controls in someone else’s home. If you are cold, put on a sweater.

5. Never hit anybody—animal or human.

6. Never talk about the bathroom.

7. Never spend more than 5~10 minutes on someone else’s phone.

8. Never bring a friend with you to a party or dinner-unless you have asked the host if it is okay.

9. Never spend more than 20~30 minutes in the bathroom at one time—others may be waiting.

10. If you sneeze1 in public, cover your mouth and say“excuse me”.

11. Always be on time—between 5 minutes early and 5 minutes late, no more.

12. If you say that you will attend something—attend! Don’t say“yes”to be nice and then not show up. If for some reason you cannot attend, call the host ahead of time to explain.

13. Use deodorant2 and brush your teeth or use mouthwash. Americans are very sensitive about body odors.

14. When driving, do not honk3 the horn4, except in very dangerous emergencies. It is considered very rude, except in New York City.

15. Do not flash your lights at someone to tell them to hurry or get out of your way.

16. If you are driving on bright lights for better visibility and a car comes toward you, dim your lights.

17. Be quiet before 8 A.M. and after 9 P.M.. No loud TV or radio.

18. Do not wipe off your cup or silverware in a restaurant. They are clean. If you see that they are not clean ask the waiter or waitress for a new one.

19. When moving out of your dorm room or apartment—leave it clean. always leave a place even cleaner than you found it — people will have fond memories of you.

20. Do not address your school teacher as“teacher”. Call him by name: for example, Professor Brown, Mr. Smith, Ms. Jones.

21. Never throw trash on the ground or out a window—it is illegal. Buy trash bags for your trash and put it out only at the appointed time at the right place.

22. When you have a guest come to visit, turn down, or off the TV set.

1、 不要谈论别人的体重——说“你很胖”这样的话。

2、 不要问“你付了多少钱”或者“你赚了多少钱”。

3、 不要在室内吸烟(除非获得许可)。

4、 不要在别人的房间里按电视机、空调或者电风扇的遥控器。如果你觉得冷,穿上针织套衫。

5、 不要攻击任何人——人或动物。

6、 不要谈论洗手间。

7、 不要占用别人的电话超过5~10分钟。

8、 不要带朋友参加聚会或宴会——除非你已经征得了主人的同意。

9、 不要一次使用洗手间超过20~30分——其他人也许正在等候。

10、 如果你在公共场合打喷嚏,要遮住嘴说“excuse me”。

11、 总要保证准时——早到不要超过5分钟,迟到也不要超过5分钟。

12、 如果你说你要参加——记得参加!不要慨然应允,到时不露面。如果因为某种原因不能参加,提前给主人打电话解释一下。

13、 使用除臭剂刷牙,或者用漱口水漱口。美国人对体臭非常敏感。

14、 开车时不要按喇叭,除非在非常危险的紧急情况下。按喇叭被认为是非常无礼的行为,但是在纽约市除外。

15、 不要用对别人闪灯的方法来催促他们加快速度或者给你让路。

16、 如果你在驾驶时为了视线更好而开大灯,这时如果有车迎面开过来,调暗你的灯。

17、 在早上8点以前和晚上9点以后保持安静。不要把电视机或收音机开到大音量。

18、 不要在餐厅擦拭茶杯或镀银餐具。它们是干净的。如果你发现它们不干净,可以让侍者换新的。

19、 在搬离宿舍或公寓时把它们打扫干净——在离开时要把它们打扫得比入住时还干净——这样你会给别人留下美好的回忆。

20、 不要称呼学校里的老师“teacher”,直接叫名字:如布朗教授、史密斯先生、琼斯女士。

21、 不要把垃圾丢在地上或扔到窗外——这样做是违法的。购买垃圾袋,只在约定的时间把它提出去,并且放在合适的地点。

22、 有客人来访时,调低电视机的音量,或者干脆关掉。